5 Female Entrepreneurs Who Inspire Us

Passion Lilie has supported female entrepreneurs and artisans since its inception. Our mission is to empower artisans by creating dignified employment opportunities that give fair wages to individuals in India. We haven’t just admired the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit of our own artisans, but have also enjoyed hearing success stories about female entrepreneurs all over the world. Although it’s hard to only list a few of these incredible women, we put together a list of 5 female entrepreneurs we deeply admire and would love to see in Passion Lilie’s ethical, fair trade apparel.

Passion Lilie supports female entrepreneurs and artisans like this, one of our female artisans from India.

5 of Our Favorite Female Entrepreneurs

  1. Pocket Sun was born in a Chinese mining town, and now she runs her own venture capital firm at only 26. Pocket is the co-founder of SoGal Ventures, known as the world’s “first female-led millennial venture capital firm.” Not many female entrepreneurs have seen so much success at such a young age—she’s already been featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30! All of SoGal Ventures’ investments are early stage ventures in the United States and Asia. We think Pocket would get plenty of use out of Passion Lilie’s Ikat Flowers Wrap Dress (pictured below). It’s the perfect garment to go from an investor meeting to a night out with friends. It can be dressed up or down, yet it’s always trendy and ethical.
Ikat Flowers Wrap Dress for female entrepreneurs

  1. Bozoma Saint John is the Chief Branding Officer at Uber. Rather than make a name for herself by starting her own company, this female entrepreneur has gotten attention for branding big-name companies. In fact, Vogue named her “The Most Fashionable Woman of Silicon Valley.” She isn’t just a branding mastermind because of the success she found working for Pepsi and Apple—she’s also known for her bold style and equally bold personality. Bozoma would rock Passion Lilie’s Tropical Red Organic Jersey Kaftan, since this stunning print and bright color are as unforgettable as she is.
Tropical Red Organic Jersey Kaftan for female entrepreneurs

  1. Ayesha Khanna started ADDO AI and currently serves as its CEO. ADDO AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) advisory firm, and Ayesha has spoken all around the world about her insights into the future and what AI has in store for us. Her voice has been heard globally, from Japan to Italy. A world traveler like herself would be a great fit for one of Passion Lilie’s Blue Impressions Organic Jersey Skirts. These skirts are classy and soft, so any woman can stay professional while traveling comfortably from one place to the next.
Blue Impressions Organic Jersey Skirt for female entrepreneurs

  1. Nanz Chong-Komo is a fashion model turned entrepreneur. Nanz started One.99, a popular chain of retail stores in the 1990s, but, upon bankruptcy, turned her bad fortune on its head and began publishing books about entrepreneurship. Today she travels the world speaking about business and empowering female entrepreneurs while running her own company, Komo Pte Ltd., in Singapore. As an ex-fashion model and powerful speaker, Nanz could take full advantage of Passion Lilie’s Blue Leaves Dress. It’s comfortable enough to travel in, trendy enough to speak in, and completely ethical.
Blue Leaves Dress for female entrepreneurs

  1. Alix de Sagazan started AB Tasty, a company based out of Paris that sells a SAAS (software as a service) application. AB Tasty helps companies gather important data and insights to improve their websites. Few female entrepreneurs can boast they have clients as big as McDonald’s and Hewlett-Packard, but Alix can! She’s both professional and fashionable, and we know she would look amazing in our Celestial Sky Dress Shirt. Wear it to the office and then to a night out in Paris or any other big city. It’s a perfect match for the busy and exciting life of a female entrepreneur or businesswoman.
Celestial Sky Dress Shirt for female entrepreneurs

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We believe these 5 female entrepreneurs would appreciate a balance of fashion and professionalism in their attire. Passion Lilie apparel combines both these values in one with ethical clothing we hope will also inspire the entrepreneur in you! No matter if you’re looking for something to make a bold statement, such as a kaftan dress, or you want more comfortable and professional pieces for your office, Passion Lilie has the ethical fashion to help you look great while accomplishing your career goals. Learn more about our mission and shop today!

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